Coopes, Stacey

Coopes, Stacey

Chief Executive Officer at Unite Digital

Stacey Coopes, Founder and CEO of Unite Digital

Stacey Coopes has deep expertise in leveraging digital media, consumer experience, artificial intelligence, data, and technology to build new business solutions and revenue streams. She has more than 30 years of automotive and powersports retail digital marketing experience.

Stacey founded Unite Digital in January 2016 because she saw a need to help brands connect with their distribution partners to deliver integrated digital customer experiences that could amplify sales and service opportunities.

Before founding Unite, she served as FordDirect’s chief executive officer and vice chairman. At FordDirect, Stacey led the company through the largest growth period in its 15-year history, increasing revenue by over 200 percent while launching over 25 new dealer services.

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